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2007-11-27 So-Called Land of Twins Baffles Fertility Experts 2007-11-16 Volcano Didn't Actually Erupt, Baffling Scientists 2007-05-02 Many Scientists Baffled as Honey Bees are Disappearing 2007-05-02 Seabirds are dying. Oh, that's just great. 2007-04-27 Doctors Baffled As Dead Rise Again. No Sign of Zombies Yet. 2007-04-08 Scientists Dumb-founded at Huge Explosion at Particle Accelerator 2007-03-27 Makeup Experts and Hairdressers Help Eliminate Bafflement 2007-03-15 Massive Invisible Whirlpool Baffling Scientists 2007-02-23 A Baffling Bird Flu Outbreak. This Does Not Inspire Confidence. 2007-02-23 Lack of Earthquake Baffles Scientists 2006-08-22 Muck blamed for horrific plague of flies 2006-08-22 Fish dead. Perplexity ensues. 2006-08-22 Yellow jacket nests the size of a car. I'd say that's perplexing. 2006-08-14 Oak Tree Waters Itself, Baffles Everyone 2006-07-20 Fish with Human Teeth Baffling Dentists and Wildlife Experts 2006-06-20 Pub Bores Baffled By Chicken and Egg Question. Scientists Yawn and Go about Their Business. 2006-06-20 Hugs and Kisses in the Workplace Baffling Pretty Much Everyone 2006-06-20 Endangered Baby Pelicans are Weak and Hungry 2006-06-12 New Mad Cow Cases Baffling Scientists. We're All Gonna Die. 2006-06-12 Lake Changes Color from Turquoise to Red. We're All Gonna Die. 2006-06-08 Astronomy Computer No Longer Baffling 2006-05-08 Scientists Accidentally Create Hottest Thing Ever 2006-04-08 Explosions in space! No need to panic. 2006-04-02 Earth is right on time. Believe me, this is baffling. 2006-03-02 Less sunlight is reaching Earth, but it doesn't matter. 2006-03-02 Exploding toads baffle experts for some reason 2006-03-02 Experts baffled by crocodiles found in urban areas 2006-03-02 Buddhist monk's voice leaves scientists baffled 2006-03-02 CFS still baffling medical experts... or is it? 2006-03-02 Australian eels are dying! Dammit, scientists, think of something! 2006-03-02 Why does the thought of gigantic houseplants baffling flower experts scare me? 2006-03-02 Hey, plants sweat! But strangely, that's not the baffling part. 2006-03-02 Oh, great. Something baffling is bombarding us from outside our galaxy. 2006-03-02 Anthrax! Aaaaiiiiieeeeee!
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